Product: AHRO-001 — mall molecule compound.

Therapeuric focus:  dyslipidemia, atherosclerosis.

Status: clinical trial phase IIa.

Description: The designed molecule (AHRO-001) is a small molecule compound family C24 trihydroxycholanic acids. Due to their physico-chemical parameters of the candidate drug can significantly reduce blood cholesterol levels, as well as potentially reduce the size of atherosclerotic plaques.

Competitive advantages of AHRO-001:
1. Is an endogenous compound (excellent safety profile) 
2. Inhibits the absorption of food cholesterol in the intestine 
3. Increases the secretion of endogenous bile acids 
4. Decrease of plasma LDL cholesterol levels in patients who failed to achieve targets by statin therapy 
5. Activates reverse cholesterol transport from peripheral tissues to the liver, which could potentially slow atherosclerotic plaques formation

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